Best Velvet Pillows for Grey Couch

Combining the right colors and of throw pillows can help to bring out the beauty and style of your grey couch. Using wrong colors may not produce that homely and glam effect that you desire.

The right color combinations provide the right statement for your living room. If you desire a glam or contemporary living room, the way and manner you decorate and complement your pillows with your couch will determine the outlook you will achieve.

If you have a grey color couch, continue reading to know the right way to match the right colors with your grey couch.

1. Pick a seasonal theme

Grey couch will match with nearly any color that you pick. Make sure the different colors you choose complement each other while keeping in mind the season. The color should complement the season and make a statement. Use bright colors for sunny and festive seasons and darker colors for cold winter seasons.

pillo couch

2. Raspberry red

Raspberry red is a great combination with grey couch. It brings out the beauty of the couch and also greats a balance. You can place the pillows on the side of the couch to achieve a balance with the grey half of the wall and couch as seen in this image.

Raspberry red

3. Choose a cohesive color palette

Choose a general color palete and create deep and light tones within the scheme. Choose the pillows with the same tones and multi-colored that feature colors from your palette to create a cohesive appearance.

color palatte

4. Pair different colors

Paring different colors can give your grey couch a beautiful and stylish look. You can pair an orange color pillow with a grey color pillow and any other bright color to light up your living room. Color combinations provide excitement and give excellent contrast to your grey couch.


5. Complimenting colors

Complimenting the colors of your pillows with the painting on your wall provides an interesting unique blend. The color combination brings attention to both your couch and your wall. The color creates a form of unique style. The wall complements the couch while the couch also complements the wall as seen in this picture below.

yellow Complimenting

6. Try out different patterns

You can create your own unique style by trying out different patterns of pillows. Combine larger pillows with smaller ones. Combine different patterns of pillows to see how they turn out. Create your personal unique style and make a statement with your throw pillow designs. You can combine square, circular, and rectangular-shaped pillows to create a unique blend and style.

7. Use soft neutrals

Soft neutral colors such as cream, grey, white, and light brown can be mixed to create a simple look. These neutrals provide a simple but interesting look to your couch and room. You can use soft neutrals to give more attention to your couch instead of the pillows.

design pattern

8. Mix solids and patterns

Mixing solids and patterns provide the beauty and glam design that you desire. You can mix polka dotted pillows with solid colors to create a wonderful stylish couch. Give your living room that stylish appearance by creating a mixture of solids and patterned pillows on your grey couch.

solid pattern

9. Concrete tones

Picking concrete colors that match with the color of your couch can produce the unique blend that you are looking for. There is no particular pattern that you can’t try when it comes to mixing pillows with your couch. Try a few shades of concrete tones and see what works best for you. You can try varieties to concrete tones and see which match well with your couch.

Concrete patterns

10. Match pillow with rug and other furniture

Don’t forget your rug when choosing the right pillows for your couch. A simple grey accent pillow that matches other furniture in your living room can help put your living room together. This can also help to limit the numbers of colors in your living room. You can create a sense of style and brand by creating a color combination in your living room.


What colors go well with grey couch?

When it comes to colors, we can’t say a particular color goes well with grey couch. Different types of colors can go well with grey couch depending on what you desire for your couch and living room. You also need to consider the season and type of living room when choosing a pillow colors for your grey couch.

The color of your wall painting should also be considered when choosing a pillow colors for your grey couch. You can use neutral colors, dark blue, red, grey, dark green, black, and other colors that work best for you.

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