50 Glam Living Room Ideas

A glamorously decorated living room is a combination of luxury and style. If you desire sophisticated luxury, then the glamorous decor style is what you need for your home and living room.50 Glam Living Room Ideas

We are going to provide you with some great glam living room ideas to give your living room the luxury and sophisticated look that you desire.

Modern Glam Living Room Ideas

The modern glam living room is typically a living room with glamorous cascading crystals hanging from a sparkling chandelier with velvet tufted furniture to compliment the room.

A modern glam living room has a classy design that depicts a Hollywood regency decor. You can achieve a modern glam living room by following these ideas:

Stick to tufted furniture 50 Glam Living Room Ideas

Tufted furniture is a classic style of glamorous furniture that adds luxury and elegance to a living room. Depending on the size of your living room, place varying sizes of tufted furniture on different strategic positions in your living room. Add more elegance and color by combining tufted furniture of different bright colors. Give attention to spacing and ensure that the furniture doesn’t take up so much space as this could make your living room look clustered. 

Faux Fur Benches and Stools50 Glam Living Room Ideas

Faux fur benches and stools are great combination with your tufted furniture. Lots of Hollywood glam living rooms have faux fur benches and stools. Placing a faux fur bench with 3-4 faux fur stools in strategic positions in your living room will definitely add glamor and style.

Oriental or Vintage Style Rug 50 Glam Living Room Ideas

A modern living room without a style rug is incomplete. Place an oriental or vintage style rug at the center position of your living room. The rug should take just about 1/4 of the entire space. Ensure that the rug complements well with your tufted furniture. Avoid very shiny and bright colors; instead, use mild colors that are able to absorb stains. 

Glass or Marble Tables50 Glam Living Room Ideas

Place a glass or marble center table that will illuminate your living room. A glass or marble center table provides elegance and style to your living room. The glass or marble center table should be properly placed on top of the vintage or oriental style rug. A table with golden or brass legs is even more recommended. 

Golden Metallic Accents50 Glam Living Room Ideas

Golden metallic accents are great for decorating. Decorate your living room by placing artistic and stylish golden metallic accents in strategic positions. You can place these metallic accents on top of the table, on the shelves, on the dining table and any other good positions. However, give attention to spacing. Do not crowd your living room with metallic accents, it is not a museum. Just a few is enough. 

Dramatic Lighting50 Glam Living Room Ideas

Lighting is very important for a modern living room. A living room without beautiful lightings is incomplete. Illuminate your living room with dramatic and beautiful lighting. Yellow bright lights always give a modern living room a sense of elegance. You can combine 2 to 3 beautiful dramatic lights to give your living your that beautiful colors you desire. Place beautiful lightings on the walls and the top of your living room. 

Don’t Forget Throw Pillows50 Glam Living Room Ideas

A tufted couch without a throw pillow is incomplete. Throw pillows can add beauty and elegance to your living room. Place beautiful and stylish throw pillows on your tufted couch or sofa. Ensure that the throw pillows are neatly placed accordingly. Depending on the size, you can place 2-6 throw pillows on a single couch. The color of your throw pillows should complement your tufted furniture.  

Flower Vase50 Glam Living Room Ideas

Flower vase adds beauty to a modern living room. There are beautiful and stylish flower vases that you can get to add elegance and glamour to your living room. Place a beautiful flower vase on top of your center table and on strategic positions in your living room. Flower vases shouldn’t be more than 4 in a modern living room.

Don’t Forget Wall Decor50 Glam Living Room Ideas

The appearance of the wall of your living room determines to a large extent how elegant your living room will look. Don’t forget to place artistic and classic portraits on the walls of your living room. Beautiful wall paintings should not be neglected in a modern living room. 

Home Appliances50 Glam Living Room Ideas

You will want to entertain yourself and your visitors. A beautiful TV set nicely placed on the wall or at a strategic position is very important in a modern living room.

Traditional Glam Living Room Ideas 

The traditional glam living room has stood the test of time. These types of living rooms are simple yet comfortable and elegant. They have a sense of order and speak tradition when you enter. They are charmingly elegant and stylishly simple. 

Here are some traditional living room ideas: 

Paneled walls50 Glam Living Room Ideas

A living room with mahogany or cherry paneled walls is the hallmark of a traditional living room style. There are different kinds of woods that can be used in a traditional living room including veneer paneling wood, solid wood, rich color, and detailed millwork. 

Exposed beams 50 Glam Living Room Ideas

A living room with exposed beams is another hallmark of a traditional living room style. Living rooms with exposed beams date as far back as the 60’s and they are still very much in use till now.

Print chairs50 Glam Living Room Ideas

Unlike tufted chairs in a modern living room setting, a traditional living room needs print chairs. These print chairs speak tradition and they complement well with the internal decor. Print chairs don't all need to match, but they should definitely relate to each other in terms of style, shape, and overall weight.

A center rug50 Glam Living Room Ideas

A traditional living room definitely needs a center rug. A vintage center rug nicely placed gives the room a feeling of comfort and elegance. 

Wooden or marble center table50 Glam Living Room Ideas

A wooden or marble center table is a must-have in a traditional living room. The table should go well with the chairs or couches. The table shouldn’t be too big or too small. It should be perfectly placed at the center of the living room. 

A dramatic floor-to-ceiling window50 Glam Living Room Ideas

A dramatic floor-to-ceiling window speaks traditional. The windows and window coverings should go all the way from the floor to the ceiling. The windows should provide good ventilation to the room. 

Built-in bookcases shelf50 Glam Living Room Ideas

Built-in bookcases shelf is an ideal storage space for traditional living rooms. You can also decorate the shelf by placing artistic objects around it. Add picture lights at the top and use traditional hardware on cabinet doors. Ensure the shelf is always kept clean and the book well-arranged. 

Traditional lightings50 Glam Living Room Ideas

You can as well beautify your traditional living room by placing traditional lightings such as iron lantern on the ceiling. Iron lantern is a well-known traditional light that speaks vintage. Fix the light on the ceiling to illuminate the room and give it a feel of elegance. 

Stone Fire50 Glam Living Room Ideas

A giant stone fire is a starting point for a traditionally decorated living room. A stone fire is very important for houses in areas with extreme cold seasons like winter. Our great grand patients had stone fires in their living rooms to warm up the rooms. A stone fire speaks tradition. Apart from its primary duty, which is to warm up the room, it also adds elegance and a traditional style to the living room. 

Artistic paintings 50 Glam Living Room Ideas

A traditional living room without artistic paintings on the walls is incomplete. Hang portraits and artistic paintings on the walls of the living room to give it a traditional blend. It is best to look for portraits and paintings with vintage drawing ideas and personalities. A family portrait hung on the wall also goes well with a traditional living room setting.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas

A contemporary living room style is defined by simplicity, subtle sophistication, deliberate use of texture, and clean lines. The interiors of a contemporary living room tend to showcase space rather than things. Contemporary interiors focus on color combination, space, and shape. To achieve the look of a contemporary living room, here are some great ideas to follow:

Lining and Spacing 50 Glam Living Room Ideas

In a contemporary living room, less is more. You need to space out your living room as much as possible to allow for the free flow of ventilation. The lining is one of the most obvious and distinctive elements of a contemporary living room style. Lines could be straight vertical, horizontal, or curved shapes lines. The line is found in the architectural design of the room and use of bold color blocks, high ceilings, windows, and geometric shapes in wall paintings and sculpture. Create bare spaces between pieces of furniture to give room for free movements. 

Simple furniture50 Glam Living Room Ideas

In a contemporary living room, the furniture should be simple and uncluttered. Furniture should have a bright color and give elegance to the room. Smooth, clean, geometric shaped sofas or chairs are ideal. The furniture could be black in color, white, or other neutral tones. 

Add throw pillows50 Glam Living Room Ideas

Throw pillows make a contemporary living room look cozy but they shouldn’t be too much. You can use velvet, woolen, cotton, or silk throw pillows depending on the material of your furniture. Throw pillows could be round shape, square, or any other stylish shape. 2-4 throw pillows are enough for each furniture in a contemporary living room.

Pay attention to flooring50 Glam Living Room Ideas

The floor of a contemporary living room should be bare and smooth, using wood, tile, or vinyl. If you must use rug, ensure it doesn’t take a significant part of the room. The rug should add color and elegance to the room. The floor should be uncluttered and allow to breathe without too many things on it. 

Center table50 Glam Living Room Ideas

A glass, marble, or wooden table is ideal for a contemporary living room. The table should not be too wide and should fit perfectly in the room. The table should complement the furniture and give the room a welcoming feel. 

Lighting50 Glam Living Room Ideas

Consider installing cove lighting or indirect light with color and metallic elements to give your living room a bright elegance. You can give your living an added elegance by directing the light at a painting, art, or print. Doing this will help to draw the eyes and attention of your visitors to the pieces you want to focus on. 

Arts and frames50 Glam Living Room Ideas

Contemporary style art sculptures or frames can be placed at eye level positions for easy viewing. Place them on shelves and strategic positions for easy access to prying eyes. Do not clutter the room with too many arts and frames. Remember less is much in contemporary living room styles.

Stylish printed curtains50 Glam Living Room Ideas

Stylish printed curtains give your living room elegance and make it cozy. The curtains shouldn’t be too bright. It should be able to hold sun rays and humidity from getting in. Curtains should be placed from a position below the ceiling to the floor. 

Add flower vases50 Glam Living Room Ideas

Since there is a lot of ground space in a contemporary living room, it will be great to place some nice flower vases at strategic positions to give the room more color. You can also place upward-focused lights around a large plant or flower on the floor. Keep the flower vases nicely arranged with rocks or bark chips around them. 

Give attention to your walls50 Glam Living Room Ideas

The walls in a contemporary living room speak volumes. If you leave your walls plain, the room becomes too plain. Hand nice portraits and paintings on the walls to give the room more meaning. Visitors will easily see the portraits and paintings in a contemporary living room; hence hand paintings that are interesting to look at. Even though paintings are great, ensure not to hang too many of them.

Pillow Ideas

Pillows are an integral part of a living room setting. Regardless of the type of living room, adding different colors and patterns of pillows will add a whole new style and elegance to your room.

There are several different patterns that you can combine your pillows to give your living room the glam appearance that you desire.

Here are some pillow ideas:

Use solid-colored pillows to create a color combination for your living room50 Glam Living Room Ideas

Using a tonal palette throw pillow will create a more monochromatic look. Combine bright colored throw pillows against a backdrop of neutral furniture to give your living room a wow factor. You can as well combine layer patterned pillows with solid pillows to create additional color story. 

Bring in different patterns, colors, and shapes to make things more interesting50 Glam Living Room Ideas

Placing only throw pillows of the same color, pattern, and shape can be boring and odd. Instead, bring in combinations of different patterns, colors, and shape to make your living room more interesting and stylish. 

Give attention to layering50 Glam Living Room Ideas

The way you lay your pillows will determine how they look. If you don’t lay your throw pillows the right way, you may not get the beauty. Ensure you combine your throw pillows in a pattern a lay them accordingly. 4-8 throw pillows are OK for each sofa. A two-seater sofa can have 4-6 pillows while a 3-seater sofa can have up to 8 pillows. Ensure that the throw pillows are placed one after another and arranged properly. 

Repeat the same pillow pattern for two sofas50 Glam Living Room Ideas

Get things even more interesting by repeating the same pillow pattern for two sofas. This makes your living room more unique and stylish. You can also use different pillow shapes, colors, and sizes and create the same decorative pattern for two sofas. If you have 4 sofas, create two decorative patterns for 2 pairs of sofas.

Pillows cover and furniture should be of the same material50 Glam Living Room Ideas

If your sofa is made of velvet material, use throw pillow covers made of velvet materials. If your sofa is made of fur material, use throw pillows made of fur materials. Ensure that the material of your sofa is the same as the material of your throw pillows. 

Scale your pillows to your furniture 50 Glam Living Room Ideas

Low-back upholstered furniture looks great with rectangular pillows. Over-stuff sectional furniture should have lots of the biggest-sized throw pillows to add comfort to deep seating. There are a lot of interesting pillow ideas on sectional furniture. You have plenty of room to mix and match pillow patterns and colors for comfort and elegance. 

Use decorative pillows to define the season50 Glam Living Room Ideas

Pay attention to the season when choosing pillows for your living room. Bright and colorful pillows complement sunny summer days while warmer-toned pillows are ideal during autumn. Also, cotton and linen pillows are ideal during summer while velvet and embellished pillows are ideal during winter. You can also create a festive ambiance during Christmas and festive periods by decorating your furniture with holiday or festive printed pillows.

Place smaller pillows in front of larger ones50 Glam Living Room Ideas

When placing your pillows on your sofa, place the smaller ones in front of the bigger ones. When you place the smaller ones at the back of the larger ones, they won’t be seen because they’re hidden. Ensure that you always place the smaller pillows in front of the larger pillows so that they can be seen. 

Pay attention to your comfort50 Glam Living Room Ideas

When choosing pillows for your living room, pay attention to comfort. Choose a pillow that you are very comfortable with. Choose a pillow material that feels soft to touch and to your skin. Choose pillows that don’t cause sweat. Pillows made of velvet and fur materials do cause sweat and they are comfortable and soft to touch.

Pay attention to the color of your furniture50 Glam Living Room Ideas

Do not use pillows that don’t complement your sofa. Pay attention to the color of your sofa when choosing pillows. Your pillows should complement your sofa to bring out the beauty and elegance of your living room.

Furniture Ideas

The furniture combination in your living room determines to a large extent how your living room will look. A mix of sofas and chairs and experimenting with placement can create a polished living room layout. 

Here are some great ideas of how to obtain that great interior furniture layout that you desire: 

Try out a floral sofa 50 Glam Living Room Ideas

Combining a floral sofa with a green lucite coffee table create a welcome surprise that breaks up the classic elements. A combination of floral sofas in your living room will creates a sense of style and elegance.

Redefine "Neutrals" 50 Glam Living Room Ideas

If you don't love playing with tons of patterns and bold colors but appreciate experimental pieces and tasteful pops of color, stick to neutrals instead of black and white. 

Keep it Classic50 Glam Living Room Ideas

Adding glass and metallic furniture sharpens up the layout and make your living room more elegant and classic.

Know your place50 Glam Living Room Ideas

The kind of living room you want to create will determine the type of furniture you will get. If you want to create a modern living room, get tufted furniture, if you want to create a traditional living room, get print furniture. Get furniture that fits well with the living room you want to create. 

Pay attention to spacing50 Glam Living Room Ideas

Too much furniture makes your living room tight and clustered. Ensure you get the number of furniture that fits well on the available space without creating obstructions. You should have enough space in your living room for ventilation.

Fewer colors, more beauty 50 Glam Living Room Ideas

Though color patterns are nice, your furniture shouldn’t be too colorful. Two to three different colors are enough for your furniture. You will be creating a studio if you have more than 3 colors in your living room.

Mix furniture patterns 50 Glam Living Room Ideas

A living room with different furniture patterns is more stylish and elegant than a living room with the same furniture pattern. Try to blend different patterns of furniture to get that glam layout that you desire. 

Give space in between sofas50 Glam Living Room Ideas

Do not place two sofas or all your sofas together. Give space in between sofas to allow for easy movements in the living room. 

Velvet Furniture50 Glam Living Room Ideas

Velvet is a luxurious material commonly found in the modern living room. Velvet is soft, beautiful, and comfortable to the skin. You can opt for velvet sofas and velvet chairs to give your living room a more luxurious and elegant look. 

Add a blend of gold and brass furniture 50 Glam Living Room Ideas

Gold speaks royalty and luxury. You may want to make your living room look more luxurious and glamorous by getting furniture with gold or brass finishing.