Best Bed Velvet Pillows Buying Guide

Bed Velvet pillows are used by almost everyone. Bed pillows are used as cushions for the head and neck when sleeping. A bed pillow makes you feel more comfortable when you sleep on the bed. It raises your head with the level of your spine to prevent back, head, or neck pain and so that you can sleep comfortably

There are different colors and designs of bed pillows. There are also different pillow fillings or inserts used for bed pillows. Some inserts are softer than others and some are much stronger than others. The type of bed pillow you should choose depends on your needs.

We are going to take you through some vital guide on bed pillows and some important things you need to know about bed pillows.

What do you fill a bed Velvet pillow with?

Pillow fillings determine the qualities of your pillow like the softness, firmness and hypoallergenic properties of your pillow. Your bed pillow fillings can determine the quality of sleep you get and how comfortable you sleep.

There are different types of bed pillow fillings that you can fill your pillow with. It is important that you find the right pillow fill for your sleep, comfort, and health.

Down Filling

Down is the fluffy part at the base of a bird’s feather. Feathers and downs have been used as pillow fillings for thousands of years. Downs have a loft which is up to three times as long as many synthetic varieties of fillings. If you have allergies, it is recommended that you avoid using pillows with down filling.

Polyester Fiberfill filling

This is a man-made filling and one of the most cost-effective filling. It is hypoallergenic and a popular choice for many people. Polyester fiberfill comes in a variety of firmnesses and provides good support for your head and neck. They are easy to maintain and can usually be machine-washed. 

The downside of a Polyester pillow is that it compresses and flattens out over time and you will need to replace it every year or two. 

Cotton Filling

Cotton is a commonly used pillow filling. Cotton is hypoallergenic and a little firmer than a down or polyester fiberfill pillow. The downside of a cotton pillow is that it tends to flatten and harden over time.

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PETP) Fiber Fill

PETP fillings are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. It is a sustainable product that is good for back and stomach sleepers. It is eco-friendly and can be shredded into microfibers.

Gel Fiber

Gel fiber is a soft filling that offers a very high level of comfort when sleeping. It is non-allergic and has the soft, plush feel of a down pillow. Gel fiber is breathable and provides gentle but firm support for your head and neck.

Microbead Filling

These are breathable synthetic beads fillings that allow your pillow to stay cooler while you sleep on it. They are made from polymer particles. The downside is that it tends to flatten sooner than many other pillows fillings

Cooling Pillows

These fillings use the latest patented technologies to draw moisture away from your face and head to create a cooling effect while you sleep. They are made with man-made materials that are polyethylene and polyester blends. Cooling pillows are great to use during hot as warm seasons.

Memory Foam filling

This pillow filling has the ability to retain its original shape. It bounces back and doesn’t flatten over time. It is made from polyurethane. It is more expensive than most other types of fillings due to its longevity. It is, however, not very soft. It is a bit firmer than most other fillers.

This filling can be irritating to some people and can be too hard for some people. Hence, you need to take note and be sure that it is a good use for you before using it.

What do you stuff homemade pillows with? 

You can stuff homemade pillows with any of the pillow fillings that have been listed above. If you desire a very soft pillow, you can stuff your pillow with down fillings or gel fiber fillings. If you want a cooling pillow, you can stuff your pillow with cooling pillow fillings.

If you want a firmer pillow, you can stuff your homemade pillow with memory foam fillings. Your needs will determine the type of fillings that you will use to stuff your pillow.

How much bigger should a pillowcase be than the pillow?

A pillowcase should be 1/2 to 1 inch longer than the length of the pillow and it should be 2 to 4 inches wider than the width of the pillow width. The little increases in the length and width of the pillowcase will allow the pillow to easily enter inside the pillowcase.

What can I use instead of pillow stuffing?

There are several different materials that you can use to stuff your pillow instead of the regular types of pillow fillings. These include old socks, worn-out shirts and clothes, newspapers, tissues, plastic bags, soft toys, old pillows, and mattress pads.

How many pillows do you need for a king-size bed?

For a king-size bed, we recommend you use three standard pillows or two king-size pillows.

Are king pillows too big for a queen beds?

The standard size of a king pillow is 20 inches by 36 inches while the standard size of a queen size pillow is 20 inches by 30 inches. The king-size pillows are quite big for a queen bed, but you can tightly fit two king-size pillows across a queen-sized bed without leaving any space between the two pillows.

This means if two people are to sleep on a queen-size bed with two king-sized pillows, their pillows will be joined together without any space in between them.

Where do you put your bed pillows at night?

When you want to sleep at night, your bed pillows should be at the head side of your bed where you rest your head. Your pillows should be perfectly placed in a position where you can comfortably place your head and sleep.

How do you dress in a super king bed?

Like the saying goes “The way your dress your bed is how you will lie on it”. The comfortability of your bed determines how well you dress the bed. If you dress your bed badly, you won’t feel very comfortable laying on it.

Here are the steps on how you should dress your super king-size bed.

Step 1: Put on a topper or mattress

Step 2: Cover with a mattress protector

Step 3: Cover with a flat sheet or bedspread

Step 4: Place a top gorgeous natural fill duvet at the bottom area of the bed

Step 5: Place two king-size pillows at the head of the bed

Are bedspreads out of style?

Bedspreads come in different colors and designs. They are lightweight and used to cover the whole mattress from head to bottom. Bedspreads are of different designs and styles. They are still in use in homes, hotels, and guest houses.

What sizes of pillows are used for a super king bed?

The standard size of a super king-size pillow used for super king size bed is 20 inches by 36 inches. This means the width is 20 inches while the length is 36 inches.

How can I make my bed look luxurious?

Making your bed look luxurious is not so difficult. You can make your bed look like a bed in a 5-star hotel. Below are the steps you should take to make your bed look luxurious:

Cover the box spring and frame of the bed

Get a box spring cover. Measure from the top of the box spring to the floor to know the right length for your bed before buying a box spring cover. Typically, the lengths of a box spring are 14 inches to 18 inches. The box spring cover helps to hide the legs of your bed and under the bed.

Cover the mattress with a good quality bed linen top sheet

You can get good quality linen or cotton bed sheet to cover the mattress. White bedsheets look luxurious on a mattress so far you always keep it clean. You can also get any color that you prefer.

Add layers of blankets and a duvet

Multiple layers of blankets, coverlets, and duvet make the bed looks luxurious. If you live in a cold environment, you can get a duvet with fillings to get you warm during cold nights. If you live in a warm or hot environment, get a light duvet.

Use multiple layers of thin blankets to give your bed a stylish and luxurious look. Add a duvet from the center to the bottom of your bed.

Add pillows

Place good plump pillows at the head of the bed. 2 pillows are the standard numbers of pillows that should be placed on a bed. You can increase the numbers to 3 or 4 if you desire. However, pillows should not be too much so that you can have enough space to sleep comfortably on the bed. The pillow covers and bedsheets should be of the same fabric.

Add Padded headboard

You can add a padded headboard if you read or do other things apart from sleeping on your bed. Padded headboard also adds style and luxury to your bed. A padded headboard should be soft and cozy to feel.

How do I find the best bed pillows?

The best bed pillows for each individual defer. The best type of bed pillow for you depends on your needs. Do you sleep on your stomach, side, or back? Do you prefer a firm or soft bed pillow? Do you have allergic reactions to certain products used to produce pillows? Are you looking for a lofty bed pillow or one that is a bit thinner? Do you have health problems, such as back pain and you need a pillow that can help with it?

You’ll need to take all of those factors into consideration when choosing a bed pillow. There are different types of bed pillow fillings and they provide varying levels of comfort. You can check the different types of pillow fillings to know the best bed pillow for you.

What is the best pillow for sitting up in bed?

Sit up pillows enhance your relaxation experience when watching TV on your bed, reading, or typing on your laptop. Sit-up pillows help to prevent back pain, muscle pain, and cramps.

When you want to buy a sit-up pillow, there are some vital things you should look out for. These include:

Built and design

The built and design is an important aspect that you should look out for. The built of the pillow is crucial for your head, neck, back, and arm support. A sit-up pillow should have back support, neck support, head support, and armrest. You should feel very relaxed and comfortable when using a sit-up pillow.

Safety and durability

A sit up pillow should be safe to use and very durable. Choose a sit up pillow that is hypoallergenic, safe, and produced with harmless materials. Choose a sit up pillow that is durable and lasts long. It should be easy to maintain.

Should side sleepers have a firm pillow?

Side sleepers should get a firm pillow so that the pillow will not slip away from their head. Also, firm pillows allow the head to remain at a level with your spine.

How do I pick the right pillow? 

The right pillow for you depends on your needs. The pillow fillings will determine how soft or firm your pillow will be. If you have allergic reactions, choose a pillow that is hypoallergenic.

Should shoulders be on a pillow when sleeping?

Your shoulders should not lie on the pillow. If you are a back sleeper, push your pillow down close to your shoulders. Your head should be on the pillow and your ears should be in a parallel line with your shoulders.

What bed pillows do 5-star hotels use?

Generally, there are three major types of pillows widely used in five-star hotels. They are:

  • Goose (feather) down pillows
  • Down alternative pillows
  • Feather/down blend pillows

What is the most comfortable bed pillow in the world?

Everybody’s perception of a comfortable pillow defers because of the differences in each individual needs. You may find a particular pillow comfortable for you while another person will not find the same pillow comfortable. The most comfortable bed pillow for you depends on your individual needs.

However, the most comfortable bed pillow in the world according to the popular vote is the shredded memory foam pillow.

Shredded memory foam pillows are small pieces of foam pillows stuffed into a pillow. They are firmer and provide support for your head and neck. They keep your head in level with your spine and provide better comfort when sleeping. They are not so hard and not so soft. Your head doesn’t sink inside when sleeping on a shredded foam pillow.

Down pillows are also very comfortable pillows. They are soft, fluffy, and can be punched into comfortable shape. They are breathable and suitable for stomach sleepers.

However, down pillows don’t have the support that people with back, shoulder, and neck pain require. Some down pillows are so soft that they allow the head to sink below the level of the spine. Some people are allergic to the unprocessed down fillings used.

Why are hotel bed pillows so fluffy?

Down is the fluffy part at the base of a bird’s feather. Down filling pillows are used by most hotels as bed pillows. This is why most hotel bed pillows are fluffy.