Best Throw Pillow cover Buying Guide

A throw pillow is a support for the body when resting or sleeping. A throw pillow serves as cushions for your head, neck, and back. It can also be used as an armrest for added comfort. It is also used as decoration and added comfort in your sitting room or bedrooms.

Throw pillow covers are the fabrics used to cover the pillow inserts. The covers are the external body of the pillow that people can see. Throw pillow covers are of different designs, colors, shapes, and sizes.

Throw pillows can completely change the look of your sitting room or bedroom. With beautiful designs and structures, throw pillows can give your room a welcoming atmosphere. You can get the colors and designs that go well with your wall paintings, bed sheets, sofas, and chairs.

Throw pillows are added internal decors that do not only beautify your home but also add comfort to your home. You can use throw pillows do design your chairs, sofas, and couches in your home. You can as well use throw pillows to add beauty and comfort to the beds in your home.

There are a variety of beautiful colors, prints, designs, shapes, and fabrics of pillow covers that are available. You can choose the best according to your needs.

Which pillow cover is best?

There are different types of pillow covers. Different people have different choices. We are going to show you the different pillow covers and recommend to you the best.


Cotton pillow covers are quite common. They are easy to wash and come in different colors and designs. Cotton pillow cover dries very fast and it is quite durable. You can easily take care of cotton pillow covers because they are easy to wash. They are ideal use for a home with children and pets. 


Velvet pillow covers are also common. They are very soft and comfortable to touch. They are cozy and give you room a warm feeling. They are available in different colors and designs.Best Throw Pillow cover Buying Guide

Velvet pillows are softer to the touch than cotton pillows. They are also quite easy to maintain. They add beauty and style to your sitting rooms and bedrooms.


Fur pillows are woolen or leathery pillows with furs. They are very comfortable to touch and feel. They add class and luxury to your sitting room and bedroom. Fur pillows are dry-cleaned and are not very easy to maintain.


Woolen pillows are made of wool. They are thick and best used during winter. They added warmth to your sitting room and bedroom. They are quite difficult to maintain.


Linen pillow cover is a thinner fabric. They can be blended with durable fabrics like cotton or polyester. Linen is very easy to maintain as you can wash and dry them by yourself. They are best used during summer periods.

These are the common types of pillow covers that you can get. However, our recommendation as the best pillow cover is the velvet pillow cover. This is because velvet pillow covers are made from a combination of almost all other materials.

Velvet pillow covers are made from silk, cotton, linen, and wool. It is a combination of all other materials, making it the best. It is highly durable and easy to maintain. It comes in different colors and designs that give your sitting room and bedroom a beautiful look.

What size of pillow insert goes in a 20x20 cover?

The size of a pillow insert to use for a pillow cover should be a bit bigger than the cover. This will enable your pillow to look plump and without space inside. We recommend using inserts that are 1 inch or 2 inches larger all around than your pillow cover.

This means, if your pillow cover is 20x20, you should use a pillow size or insert of 21x21 or 22x22. Using a slightly larger pillow insert will make your pillow look plump and comfortable to rest on. It prevents your pillow from looking saggy and prevents internal spaces between the pillow insert and the pillow cover.

What is a pillow cover called?

Pillow covers are commonly called pillowcases. They are used to protect or cover the pillow inserts from external forces such as diets and stains.

Pillowcases are made of different fabrics. They are available in different colors and designs. They give beauty to the pillow and make the pillow more appealing to the eyes. The type of pillow cover you use also determines the level of comfort you will get when sleeping.

Why are pillow covers so expensive?

Pillow covers are often expensive due to the type of fabric used, shape, and design. Velvet pillow covers are costlier than linen because velvet is more long-lasting and comfortable than linen. The quality of the fabric used, level of comfort, level of design, and color combinations determine the cost of pillow covers.

What size of pillow insert goes in 18x18 cover?

As said earlier, it is best to get an insert that is 1 or 2 inches larger on all sides than the pillow cover. The size of a pillow insert that should be used in an 18x18 cover is 19x19 or 20x20 size.

How do you measure a pillow for a pillow cover?  

To measure a pillow for a pillow cover, we recommend that you use a firm tape such as a carpenter's tape for measurements. Do not use a flexible tape like a tailor’s measuring tape measurement.

This is because a firm tape will provide a more accurate result. Do not measure the pillow diagonally and do not measure the pillow across its center. Measure the pillow at its ends to get a more accurate result.

Should pillow insert be larger than pillow cover?

Yes, pillow insert should be 1 or 2 inches larger than the cover to ensure that that pillow looks plump and very comfortable to use. A pillow insert that is not larger than the cover may make the pillow to become saggy because there are some internal spaces between the pillow insert and the cover.