Ultimate guide to buy velvet throw pillows

Whether at home, office, when it comes to choosing the right décor items, the first thing that comes to our mind is choosing sofas and matching throw pillows with it. Regular cushion pillows are quite common these days but the concept of throw pillows is unique.

The look is classy and trendy. Velvet throw pillow is made of superior quality and is extremely easy to use. Besides, it has the fabric which is designed for great comfort and sleek designs.

What are velvet throw pillows?

Be it the emerald sofas or the chairs or the pillows, if you opt for the velvet furnishing it always gives a rich and classy feel. Mostly it comes with dark colors and decadent space which is why it is best to use. It shines in the palette and the shade being soft balances it totally, which is why it looks enticing.

Velvet throw pillows have become the talk of the town these days. Along with adding comfort to the sofa this pillow can be used anywhere. Be it a chair or bedroom, you will not be disappointed when you use velvet throw pillows. There is a wide range of bold colors to make the choice and upgrade your home instantly with the coziest decor accents.

The reason why you should consider velvet throw pillows is the lustrous look and silky feel. The rich texture blended well with the stiffness makes such a pillow the most incredible option to be chosen for the décor. It has been effortlessly made by the professional crafters to match the interior and enhance the look for traditional, authentic and modern designs. This type of pillow can be paired up easily with different throw blankets too. You can mix it well with the softness and texture or choose the option of using it with the faux fur throw.

Velvet Pillow Colors and Styles

There are different colors and styling options in the velvet throw pillow to choose from. Be it the neutral color on the earthy tones, you shall not run out of choices. Besides, the bright and popping shapes like Blue, Orange, Red, Green, and Yellow are also quite known.

You may want to consider the colors that may work the best for the color palette that you choose and then go ahead with the best styling for the design. Velvet throw pillow styles include:


You can consider the subtle pattern of the pillow too which has an extra-soft feel. This quality velvet throw pillow option can go well if you coordinate it with the solid colors and variety of prints and textures.


Pleated pillows are another option to make the choice. It comes with a solid color and there is an overlapping design of the diagonal pleats that causes extra visual interest. This way the perfect layering of the pillow is noticed.


If you want to make the right use of velvet throw pillow than you can make it a versatile option. You can go with a solid color pillow and air it with the range of complementing colors and patterns to come up with the dream design.


It is time for you to go bold with the pillows that come with the jacquard-loomed designs and abstract prints that fall under the category of the patterned velvet pillows. They are comfortable and strong enough to enhance the room décor.


The option of Hand-stitched appliqués also makes velvet pillows a unique work of art. You can make the choice from different embroidered patterns and motifs that include abstract designs, floral, and stripes.

What is the price range for velvet throw pillows?

Velvet throw pillows create a unique look and of course, it is quite an amazing concept to enhance the home decor. You can add it the best with the sheen and texture of velvet into the mix. The price of such type of pillows can start from $70 and depending on the craft and level of fabric being used; the price can go up as well.

How to select the material for velvet throw pillows

To choose the velvet throw pillows there are few of the factors that you need to consider. Understand the fact that velvet feels both comforts and lived in as upscale and prudent. There are different shapes of throw pillows available in it be it the standard one or rectangular to make the choice.

The good news is it is also available in different sizes for better comfort. This would simply add the fuzzy softness to the sofa that you have and thus offer in-depth seating arrangements.

To choose the material for a velvet throw pillow, you need to decide first on which furniture and in which room shall you be using this type of armchair. Be it in the bedroom that you don’t use often, living room corner or another area, you might want to choose the option that would enhance the reading nook.

The two plush cotton pillows can get a special feature for you. Be it the cotton jersey duvet cover or the jersey pillowcases on the bed.

If you want to decorate your sofa, then you might want to blend it well with the velvet throw pillow with sold sharing. Also, add some decorative wool pillows and patterned cotton pillows to enhance the texture and get the electric yet cozy look too.  If you want to use only the velvet throw cushioning then you can finish the look with a faux fur throw.

Shape and Size

    This is another important factor that you should be considering for our velvet throw pillow. Since it is available in different sizes and shapes you must make the choice as per the comfort. For the most dynamic looks, the size and shape of the pillows can vary which is why you must make choices in the right manner.


    Such type of throw pillows is the most common one in shape. They usually come in 16-, 18- or 20-inch versions. You can find it in small and even large. You can also change the look of the furniture often with this stick throw velvet pillows. They are available in standard sizes which makes it a more convenient option.


    These types of pillows, when compared with squared ones, are not used so often. However, it surely is a beautiful option to choose when you want to balance the straight lines of the rectangular pillows.


    Moving further the option that comes is the Cylinder-shaped bolster pillows. It got its name from the intended use. They are meant for prop up arms or back when seating is to be done and is commonly used on the bed.


    This can be another convenient option to choose as it has an oblong rectangular shape. Simpler to bolster pillar, they are designed to offer better support to the back and are often used for ornament purposes too.


      Moving further, another important part to be considered for the velvet throw pillow is fill. The blends of fills are listed:


      You can also consider this option which is long-lasting and soft as compared to the synthetic version. It may cost twice as much. You can select for the pillow that will give you ample of usage to be made. They are comfortable and you can easily fulfill back in the shape.


      This can be not a much expensive option plus a good choice if you decide to use your throw pillow solely for the decoration reasons only. You need to ensure it is sealed well so that there are no bumps or lips exposed.


      This type of filling is often used for the lumbar pillows and square shape pillow. It is often reserved for the bolsters or even the round throw pillows. It holds a better shape as compared to polyester or down.


      While choosing the right print for your velvet throw pillow, here are some essential guidelines that you need to consider. It is always good to mix the prints provided you have some concept in your mind already. If you mix match the prints the best way to make sure that you have a cohesive look is by sticking it with a common color palette. Even though the hues of the pillow may not easily match but can be related to the overall color scheme of the room.


          To mix the paint in the right manner you might want to focus on the scale. The scale can vary within the room and among the throw pillow. If you have a living room with curtains that have a large scale print and rug with a small scale on, then choose the throw pillow that has a print which falls in between.

          Color in the Space matters

            You might want to make some use of the surrounding space where you can pull the colors from. This rule is needed if you want to have an incredible decorative accent that can enhance the room. You can select the color depending on the textiles and furniture’s which are already present in the room to tie the space.

            Fabrics to consider before buying velvet throw pillows

            While looking out for the velvet throw pillows fabric, you need to understand the fact that velvet is quite different as compared to other products. It is not like flat-woven fabric like linen. Rather it needs more yarn steps to produce. The first is woven that you can think of an option to make the velvet throw pillow is the yarn on the loom within the two layers of backing.

            The fabric then gets split down the center and creates to same pieces. Both the pieces will then have the upraised pile that offers soft, heightened texture.

            It is also possible to choose the fabric of any yarn to make the velvet for throw pillows. Most typically it was silk but these days other fabrics such as linen, cotton, and synthetic fibers are also trending.

            Being soft woven in nature velvet is luxurious pile with a distinctive feel. You can add the velvet throw pillows an aesthetic look if you pair it well with cushion fabrics such as cotton and linen. Other common fabrics to be considered are:

            • Cotton linen blend
            • Polyester
            • Velvet
            • Wool or knit
            • Faux fur
            • Outdoor cotton

            Color option to choose for your pillows to match your sofas and room wall color.

            Sofa is the centric part of the room and the furniture is the main attention of the entire décor. It needs the right color combination. The color that you choose should match your sofas and room wall color. However, it is always better to go for the dark option as it enhances the overall look.

            How comfortable are these throw pillows

            Velvet throw pillows are adorable, you can be rest assured that along with back support you can have peaceful sleep too. Such types of pillows can be kept anywhere on the couch while being cozy or watching a movie. If you want to choose the stylish pillows, then you might want to go for the cool and woolen fabric.

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