Decorative small velvet throw pillows for Chairs and Sofa

Imagine coming back home from work tired. After a delicious dinner, you would love to watch your favorite program on your chair and sofa while resting your back or arm on a soft velvet throw pillow.

Now, throw pillows have become essential for comfort in one’s home. Throw pillows apart from being used in chairs and sofas, also can be used for decoration and as gifts. 

What is a small velvet throw pillow?

throw pillow is a small, decorative soft furnishing product, which is made from a wide range of textiles including cotton, silk and velvet. Throw pillows are very frequently used piece in designing interiors and area available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and elements such as piped edges and tassels. The most common designs in throw pillow are square and range between 16 inches to 24 inches. 

Throw pillows are mostly placed on chairs and sofas but are also used for sleeping on floors and day beds. Throw pillows have a functional and aesthetic purpose. These pillows also are used to give a casual feeling. Throw pillows are used to give back, neck, and head support.

The basic throw pillows do not have any holes and are often filled loosely, implying there is no insert. These cushions do not have any extra decoration like piping or tassels.

Throw pillows are a mixture of the insert and a removable cover. The cover can be removed and washed, or the insert will be transformed if it becomes very flat or lead to allergies. The covers are known as throw pillow covers and sold separately from the insert. 

What are the different types of small velvet throw pillows for Chairs and Sofa?

Square shaped

The first type of throw pillow has a shaped square, which shows balance, proportion, and professionalism. It has good attributes such as breathability and doesn’t cause allergic reactions.

Round shaped

Round shapes are one of the most enticing shapes, which are very prevalent among the pillows. This throw pillow has a soft touch with around y design that will clearly fit into your room.

The product is available in a variety of colors. There is a smooth micro velvet cover in the fabric, which makes it comfortable to the skin.

Rectangular shaped

This rectangular throw pillow has all the following attributes: clean, straight lines present. They are no ornate symbols or design pattern, which gives a lot of importance on functionality than aesthetics.

This throw pillow can be easily washed in a machine without the fabric getting worn out. There is a hidden zipper at the back which enables to insert and remove pillows.


A star-shaped throw pillow is one of the most appealing pillows in the world. The pillow has pointy, rugged shapes, stars, which are all about functionality than aesthetics. 


The solid throw pillow cover can be obtained in six different colors, ranging from velvet to red. For decorating your home, users usually purchase all the pillows having all the colors. 


A striped color is always a very attractive option since it combines different colors along with a stark contrast. There is a range of striped patterns for this throw pillow cover. For example, their striped pattern consisting of velvet, green and blue, etc.

All these products lighten up your room, without putting too much strain on your finances. It is very simple to maintain, with comfortable, breathable and durable fabric. 


Floral patterns are one of the most attractive centerpiece objects which are used for decoration. A good floral design utilizes many elements such as line, form, space, texture, and color. The incredible floral pattern is present on both sides of the throw pillow cover. The fabric is plush, durable, plush, and soft. 


Plaid is one of the most attractive patterns which have a unique design. Plaid patterns are present in almost every color like velvet, which makes it even more appealing. 


Geometric patterns are one of the most endearing patterns ever made. They can be elliptical, helical, triangular, and other shapes. Throw pillows that have geometric patterns are in huge demand in the whole nation. 


Paisley is one of the cheapest and effective patterns, which are used with your throw pillow. It is extremely popular among both young and old. `

Picture Prints

These are throw pillows with varying picture prints. There are hundreds of options for personalization. The velvet color of the pillow and the picture prints must conform to the room. 

Checkboard pattern

Checkboard patterns are one of the most interesting designs, which can be implemented on a throw pillow. For example, you have a checkboard pattern with squares and rectangles, just like ludo. 

What is the price of small velvet throw pillows?

Throw pillows having velvet color are available at different prices, ranging from 50 dollars to 250 dollars. These small velvet pillows can be purchased from both stores and garment stores which keep bed linen, rugs, carpets and other accessories.

If you wish to do online shopping, visit to purchase your preferred choice of velvet pillows at very affordable rates. A lot of velvet throw pillows are available in different colors and can be purchased for as low as 13 USD.

What are the advantages of using small velvet throw pillows?

Health Benefits

    Throw pillows provide comfort and support and have plenty of health benefits. The cervical spine is supported in a neutral position. Since the pressure is removed, therefore biomechanical stresses are reduced and the alignment of the spine is properly maintained.

    If you have swollen legs and snore during your sleep, then you can definitely reduce them by using throw pillows. Also, asthmatic patients can reduce their breathing troubles a lot, if they use these products.

    Big support for babies

    You should stack the throw pillows and give the essential support for the babies when they are in the process of learning to sit. When they are learning to stand, you must place pillows around to ensure it doesn't get hurt, when they fall.

    These, throw pillows consist of soft and anti-allergic, which are being used as bumpers within the crib. While sleeping, you have to place a number of throw pillows beside the baby to prevent accidents. Also, you can select throw pillows for the sofa to give the nursery for babies a very colorful look.

    Since kids are attracted to colors, so once you add colors, the baby can enjoy much more and explore.

    Emotional Support

    This is also a very important contribution, when you use this product, though it is often overlooked. If you are feeling depressed and there is no one close to you, it is a natural human instinct to hold a throw pillow tightly, punch and cry on it, to make one feel lighter.

    It has been observed that young brothers and sisters often fight with pillows, which increases bonding and helps generate an atmosphere of fun and affection. 

    Multipurpose products

      Apart from using throw pillows for sleeping and support, you can definitely utilize these products for other uses like headrest and armrest while traveling in train, car, or while watching TV and reading.

      Throw pillows can also be used as decorations for your sofas, chairs, car seats, and beds. Throw pillows help to enhance your internal décor and give your home a beautiful outlook.


      Throw pillows come in several beautiful designs, colors, and shapes. They can be given out as gifts to friends, families, and colleagues.


      You must have been astonished to know how easy it is to purchase throw pillows from at affordable prices. There are different types of pillows are suitable for different uses.

      You have also come to know the many incredible benefits these amazing products provide like health, emotional, support for babies and while traveling, apart from the usual sleep at night. Throw pillows give varying levels of comfort, to different people, depending on their needs and desires.