Velvet Lumbar Pillows

Good night sleep is a prerequisite to a healthy and productive life. Everybody, be it young, old and able-bodied, need a good cushion or pillow to sleep peacefully at night.

For this purpose, you must opt for a lumbar pillow. However, in the market, there are so many pillows and cushions available. So, you must be curious as to why only you must opt for velvet lumbar pillows.

Lumbar pillows are very trendy and classy. Due to its sleek design, it is also a fantastic decor. Now, before you get to know the many advantages, first you should know what lumbar pillows are exactly.

What Are Velvet Lumbar Pillows?

A lumbar pillow is a specially designed pillow meant for giving extra support to the lower back, consequently reducing lower back pain which occurs due to prolonged periods of sitting. Ideally, a lumbar pillow is designed to conform to the natural curve of the lower back when the individual is in a sitting position.

People who are suffering from lower back pain or muscle tension tend to benefit from using a support pillow at their desks in the office, home or car. For patients who use a wheelchair, a lumbar pillow is very beneficial.

Similar to other support pillows, a lumbar pillow is very firm and supportive. The purpose of when using this pillow is to provide unrelenting support to the body part, which gets strained due to sedentary activities like sitting at a desk or sleeping.

In certain circumstances, bedridden individuals will be advised to use a specific support pillow. The lumbar pillow is designed for people who have lower back pain when continuously sitting in one position for long periods.

The type of pillow you select should be fully based on your comfort and place of use. Purchase a velvet lumbar pillow that can last for a long period of time. Ensure you purchase a pillow, whose cover can be washed. The average price of a lumbar pillow is about USD 30.00

What Are The Various Types Of Velvet Lumbar Pillows?

Although lumbar pillows are slightly more expensive than regular pillows, it is worth spending money on them. The types of lumbar support pillows include:

Xtreme Comforts Back Cushion

Xtreme Comforts Back Cushion is meant for preventing unhealthy sitting positions by giving correct support to maintain the natural spine curve. Consequently, your blood flow is increased, muscle fatigue is removed and there is no back tightness, which lets you sit comfortably without pain.

It is 13 inches wide and the design consists of unique four-point quick snap straps that permit the cushion to be secured to any chair. The pillow is made up of 100 percent Deluxe Body Active Memory Foam which conforms to your shape while keeping uniform density.

The cover is made from 100 percent bamboo, delivering higher air circulation for keeping your back cool. The cover can be removed and washed in the machine with cold water.

Relax Support Back Support Pillow

This pillow has a curved structure which gives the person extra spine support, so the sitting position is more comfortable. The pillow consists of removable, adjustable straps, which are used to secure it to the back of your seat.

You can remove the straps if you wish to put the pillow in a chair. The pillow is made from breathable cotton which permits air circulation to prevent your back from becoming hot. The cover can be removed and washed in a machine. The pillow's dimensions are 16.5 x 4 x 8.3 inches.

Original Mckenzie Lumbar Roll

This pillow has a unique size and shape which supports your back. This pillow has a shape like a log. This shape adjusts against your back along the natural spine curvature, enabling you to maintain a good posture.

The foam adjusts to the shape of your back, while the fabric always makes you cool and dry. There is an adjustable strap which secures the roll to any seat or size. The strap can is also used for transporting the roll itself. The length is 11 inches with a diameter of 4.75 inches. The cover can be machine-washed and washed.

Desk Jockey Lumbar Cushion

Desk Jockey Lumbar Cushion is made with clinical therapeutic grade memory foam. It has a lower back lumbar support molds and conforms to your body shape, providing support for the back. Using the dual adjustable strap, the pillow can be fastened to a chair and put in a place while you sit and work.

A handle is attached to the side of the pillow, making it extremely portable. As a complement, you’ll get an extension strap which can be attached to the cushion to extra wide chairs.

Duro-Med Lumbar Cushion

This pillow consists of a wooden insert for adding extra support to those who want more firmness in their back pillow. The main motive is for removing tension and aligning the spine. The pillow consists of a resilient foam that doesn’t lose its shape with extensive usage.

The pillow includes an elastic strap with a buckle, which holds it to the chair, ensuring that there is no sliding while repositioning. The cover is washable and removable. Unzip the cover and wash it thoroughly in cool water to clean and keep it durable. 

LoveHome Memory Foam Lumbar Support Back Cushion

LoveHome Memory Foam Lumbar Support Back Cushion was designed for post-surgery recovery, as well as patients who are suffering from lower and mid back pain. It’s incredible and premium memory foam construction implies that the back cushion doesn't flatten out, but it fits the shape of your back and enhances posture.

There are two adjustable straps that keep it in place on a majority of armchairs, chairs and recliner seats. And, if the home or office is hot, the pillow's washable, 3D mesh cover maintains air circulation.

U-Are Ultimate Comfort Set.

This pillow consists of a lumbar pillow and a seat pillow and suited for anyone who is sitting in an office chair for a very long period. There is an orthopedic memory foam lumbar support pillow for keeping your back aligned.

There is a seat cushion that is made with a special heat disbursement gel for cooling effect. Also, there is a zipper bag that acts as a case for your lumbar pillow and seat cushion.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Velvet Lumbar Pillows?

It delivers a lot of support to your backbone

The primary advantage of using a support pillow is its flexibility and adaptability to your body shape. This is useful if you have a distorted or fractured spine. Velvet Lumbar pillows are very effective when used as back cushion or as chair back support to support your neck or spine.

Your muscles are greatly relaxed

Due to sedentary jobs, people slouch more, increasing the load on their backs. Consequently, muscle fatigue increases rapidly and your back muscles wear out. The pillow is designed to straighten the posture, removing the extra load from your back muscles. This helps your back muscles to heal and relax, quickly.

It gives fast relief from pain

If you experience constant back muscle fatigue, it will change into shooting pain. This results in having back pain, and other kinds of problems like spinal disorders. You can use a back pillow for faster relief.

It is the first choice of physicians

Doctors usually recommend lumbar support pillows for patients having a troublesome back, as it is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The extremely high-quality standards make it very safe to use, regardless of your health state.

It is very portable

Since lumber pillow has a small size, so it is extremely portable. This is very useful if you are a habitual traveler, or go for short weekend trips.

It is cost-effective and affordable

An incorrect posture and back problems can create many health issues. You may have to waste hundreds of dollars in consulting doctors and other therapists. Lumbar support pillows are extremely affordable. Using this pillow, you can carry this back-treatment wherever you go.  You can purchase it from online store.

It is extremely effective and multipurpose. 

A lumbar support pillow supports your whole backbone, throughout the whole day. You can use it anytime, while at work, traveling in a car, and while sleeping on your bed. This helps to ensure that you get a fantastic sleep.