Bruno Mascolo was born with the creative gene that came from an artistic family of world-renowned hairdressers. He began expressing his artistic talents as a hairdressing entrepreneur. Bruno then traded in his comb & shears for a paint brush & canvas and self-taught himself to master the art of painting vibrant, abstract masterpieces. This natural artistic transition is exemplified through his works of art which demonstrate his inner creative spirit as well as his business mind. 

Although Bruno is color blind, he miraculously constructs a multitude of vibrant, cohesive paintings. He has also crafted beautiful ornate sculptures based off objects from his paintings. Though he might see the world with a lack of color - he is able to use the color of his experiences to guide him. 

Bruno has been invited to showcase his copious works at numerous art shows throughout Dallas, New York, & Los Angeles. He has been published in various art magazines. His unique style of art & color usage is eye catching & pushes the limits of modern art.

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