Master Peace Brand Story

As I was sitting in my hotel room at SLS Beverly Hills I noticed a cool art pillow sitting on the couch in the room’s corner lounge area.

However when I went to check out the pillow I realized it was poor quality fabric and uncomfortable to sit and snuggle with, more of a decorative peace than a lounging, comfortable pillow. It was then that I was inspired to design high-end plush, velvet pillows utilizing my father, Bruno Mascolo’s art. Out of my love for fine abstract art, home décor, fashion, meditating, and mastering my own inner peace through spirituality practices I came up with the brand name Master Peace.

We designed the logo intentionally with a person meditating surrounded by a peace sign with peace signs in its’ shades surrounded by a Versace Baroque-esque border. From there I quickly began designing the Master Peace brand.

I wanted it be unique & exclusive so I decided to base the brand’s designs off of my father, Bruno Mascolo’s 30 years of abstract artwork while changing some of the original colors, hues, and saturation graphically & adding cool fonts for Master Peace. Soon the brand developed & emerged into a high-end, luxury home décor & fashion brand wherein we searched everywhere throughout LA to find the finest quality fabrics and textiles to bring comfort and art to life into the home for all of our products including a wide range of items: Pillows, Lux Royal Chairs, Socks, T-shirts, Hoodies, Joggers, Coasters, Coffee Mugs, Gicelee Canvas Art, and Cold Press Ectyprint Art.

I want everyone to be able to enjoy a MasterPeace in their home! Whether it’s a piece of art, a pillow to accent their living and bed rooms or a cool pair of socks, a shirt/hoodie-jogger set, I am pleased to present you with Master Peace.
Master your Inner Peace with a Master Peace.

Lots of Love and Peace,

Ray Mascolo
Master Peace LLC

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